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Nature has a healing power. There is research that demonstrates when you are connected with nature you are less anxious, blood pressure is reduced, breathing is more relaxed and you overall feel healthier. The slideshow above features some of my nature photography. I hope it relaxes you and you feel at peace as you watch the transitioning pictures.

My name is Pat. I am a Registered Nurse, Board-Certified Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner with more than 31 years experience as a nurse, counselor, therapist, wife, mother, nature lover, and life navigator. I am  available for short-term, long-term or one-time help in understanding and navigating any of life’s transitions—the joyful and the bittersweet or painful. Listen to my words about change…

Some common transitions people experience may include:

  • Marriage
  • Childbirth
  • Sexual assault
  • Empty Nest Syndrome (passing of a spouse or children leaving home)
  • Divorce
  • Leaving home for college
  • Moving out of state for first time
  • Terminal illness
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Disability
  • Death of a loved one
  • Suicide of a loved one
  • Losing a pet
  • PTSD
  • Job layoff
  • Unemployment
  • Returning to the work force
  • Career change
  • Mid-life changes
  • Gender or sexual identity concerns

A transition is a change from one state of being (identity) to another.

I offer assistance in moving through the stages of the process of transition. I will ask the right questions, offer support and guidance, suggest resources, and provide encouragement. Below is a video about the Natural Transitions business.

We all go through transitions, some are easier than others. Many of us have friends and family to help us in our transitions (marriage, childbirth, death, empty nest, divorce). However, many times our transition involves friends and family and we want or need outside help, advice and support with a safe person.

Most of us manage to get through whatever life throws at us, but we can often do it with less pain and stress if we have a guide, someone to show us the way, and to let us know what to expect, or just to listen while we experience the transition.

I will meet in person, via phone or Skype and prefer being outside. I believe nature will aid in the healing process. This approach sees people as already having the abilities and answers. I am a guide to help find the appropriate direction and assist in staying that course.

The business does not use insurance. It is self-pay and I do offer package rates and retainers for businesses who are looking for an alternate to traditional human resource options for life skills training for their employees. I can speak to groups, individuals or managerial teams on issues such as grief, navigating the lay-off process for both businesses and separated employees.

I am coming to Charlottesville several times a month and am able to meet with clients in settings that work for them and their schedule. I also meet with a client at a local park- so it is very flexible!