Let’s create a healing experience

For those who know what to look for, nature can be both pharmacy and grocery. It can heal, relax, teach, and educate. Going with someone who is at home in the woods, familiar with herbs, plants and roots can make a simple walk in the park more enjoyable.

  • Are you looking for someone to lead your group in a nature walk?
  • Would you like to learn how to make teas from different herbs?
  • Would you like to gather with close friends, or maybe your friends and their daughters, to talk candidly about puberty?
  • Would you enjoy gathering with like-minded women to discuss menopause?
  • Would you appreciate a get-away to the country to experience a relaxing and fulfilling gathering–filled with emotional and spiritual nourishment?
  • Would you enjoy learning and expanding your ability to sense (there are 53 natural senses)?
  • Are you curious about Forest Bathing?

If any of these “walk and talks” appeal to you, contact me for more information. Contact me. I’ll send you a short list of workshops and retreats I offer for women, mothers and daughters, and small groups of likeminded friends sharing similar issues.

Let me know what you are seeking or what you are missing.

Together we can design a gathering for your tribe of people and create a memorable and healing experience.

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