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Patricia Cheeks

Do people hear you? Be heard.

I don’t mean, “Do they hear the words you’re speaking?” I mean do they get you?

Do you feel understood, acknowledged, honored? Do people remember the details you share? Do they respect your vulnerabilities? Are they comfortable with your tears, fears, and uncertainty? Do you have someone in your life you know you can tell anything to, and know it won’t be shared, or laughed at? Do you have someone you trust to see the best in you when you all you can see is the worst?

I hear you.

In fact, I hear all my clients. Sometimes I hear what they’re avoiding saying. I see their body language, I feel their emotional or energetic state. A lot of those skills come from being a mother, a wife, a sister, daughter and daughter-in-law. The rest come from life – and my 30 plus years as a nurse, a psychiatric nurse specialist, and a therapist.

Everyone deserves to be heard, supported, encouraged, and nurtured.

Yes. That means you too. I’m here to listen, understand, and honor your journey, not change you, but help you help yourself to change.

By helping people feel heard, acknowledged and honored, I’ve learned people begin to hear themselves – to listen to their dreams, their fears, their passions, their wants and their needs. Imagine being heard, and having someone understand what you may not even understand yourself – who you are and what you want out of life.

If you want to be heard, honored, acknowledged and experience what it’s like to know yourself better than you ever have, contact me. Let’s talk.

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