Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office located?

1820 Country Club Road, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

What do you do with clients?

Together we spend time understanding your life’s experiences. We identify areas where you want to make changes and strengths you already have. We discover new strategies to get you to the emotional, physical and spiritual places that you desire. I may suggest readings and/or spending time outdoors with certain plants or trees. I will encourage writing, artwork, listening to music, meditation and/or prayer (depending on your preference).

What is Ecotherapy?

“Ecotherapy” refers to healing and growth nurtured by healthy interaction with the earth. It considers the latest scientific understandings of the land that we live on and the deepest indigenous wisdom. This perspective reveals the fact that people are intimately connected with, embedded in, and inseparable from the rest of nature.

My office is full of plants and books about nature. I often meet clients at local parks or go for walks near my office. I give assignments for clients to spend time outside. I talk about some of the latest research in Grounding, etc. We use analogies of nature in our work together. I may suggest you read a book on the topic authored by Howard Clinebell in 1996.

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine is one, or a combination of protocols or practices that connect, open or balance our body’s natural energy. Healing Touch is one such practice I use. It is typically very relaxing, so it’s helpful to reduce anxiety and calm the mind. It is done in a chair or a massage table. The client is fully clothed, music is usually playing in the background, and I do an energy assessment as part of the process. My certification is through There is much more information on that Web site, if you’d like to learn more.

What are Encrypted Video Sessions?

I use a service called VSee that provides encrypted video. This ensures the conversation remains confidential. The app is downloaded on the computer or phone and an appointment is set. I will call you at the assigned time, and we will talk. Video sessions are similar to “in-person” sessions in that we will talk about the same issues and be “present” with each other–just in our own physical spaces. I have been doing this work for several years offering Employee Assistance work for a company in Pennsylvania. Most people appreciate the flexibility of being able to be in their own home and still have access to therapy.

Do you take insurance?

I do not participate on insurance panels. I found that confidentiality is not possible using insurance. I keep my fees reasonable and, in some circumstances, offer a sliding scale.

What are your fees?

I offer psychotherapy sessions for $85/hour. The first session is generally 1 ½ hours; therefore, $120.

Coaching is $70/hour.

Healing Touch is $75/hour.

How do we start?

If you are interested in a free phone consultation or are ready to make an appointment, call Pat at 540-908-5118 or email:

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