Cancer and Chronic Illness:

For Those Diagnosed with Chronic Illness, Their Caregivers, and Families


It’s probably one of the scariest words in the human vocabulary. It’s certainly one of, if not the, scariest diagnosis to hear from our doctors. Why? Because it means life as we know it is about to change dramatically.

Cancer will have an impact on our relationships, our jobs, the possible loss of life, of freedom, of choice in ways we can’t even imagine. Yes. Cancer and chronic illness can be the hardest life transitions people will ever have to deal with. Knowing what to expect and developing the skill sets you need to face a life-changing health event can be the most powerful things you can do to cope.

Can you answer ‘yes’?

Are you facing a life-changing health event? Are you wondering how you will manage your emotions–or the emotions of others around you? Are you seeking assistance and pain relief?

Or are you a care-giver of someone who is having physical and mental changes due to an illness? Do you know what skill sets you will need to get through your health crisis or that of a loved one?

Getting through the Illness

Having a shoulder to lean on is often the best thing we can offer. Having someone to talk to who is not directly involved in the care of the person effected by the illness allows us to have a neutral anchor or support system who isn’t biased. A neutral therapist can give you their attention and allow you to have a full range of expression regarding your thoughts and feelings without judgement.

Living with a terminal or chronic illness is incredibly challenging physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Having someone who understands the pathophysiology and the emotional toll that is exerted on those who are experiencing the illness and those caring for them can be a tremendous relief. Anger, guilt, burn-out, and frustration are all part of the process–but not easy to handle alone.

How I can help.

As a nurse, a counselor, and a coach, I’ve offered that listening ear and Healing Touch for more than 30 years. I am available to do home visits in some circumstances and to be a listening, non-judgmental ear in all cases.

Whether you are the patient or the caregiver in your situation, call me today to see what your alternatives are.

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