"Grateful for the healing Pat Cheeks is bringing out in me. What an array of gifts! Pat Cheeks' capacity for compassion is one of the hallmarks of the services she provides at Natural Transitions."
Gail, Charlottesville, VA
"I heard about your outstanding recognition from the Sexual Assault Research Agency...this is such great news. One of my friends mentioned it to me and we agree, you have been a huge boon to women's mental, physical, and emotional health (and by association, men's health!). I still run into people who call their interactions with you "door-opening" "life-changing" "god-send" etc.... thanks for being in our lives!!"
Susanna, Charlottesville, VA
"Thank you Pat Cheeks for helping me to purge and heal. I cannot describe how liberating it is to be free of emotions that imprison your heart and deteriorate your health. I finally know what peace....SHALOM feels like within my mind, body and spirit. You have been a great blessing to me, dear friend! ((HUGS))"
Anita, Fulks Run, VA
"Pat helped me navigate a stormy period in my life. I have a healthy baby boy, but I had high anxiety during my pregnancy because of complications with my placenta. I, however, always left Pat’s Healing Touch sessions with a sense of peace. Pat helped me refocus my negative energy towards my body into positive energy. She convinced me that I shouldn’t condemn my body for a complicated pregnancy, but, instead, thank my body for continuing to stay pregnant with a healthy baby, month after month. Our final Healing Touch session culminated with bounds of appreciation for carrying my sweet baby boy to term. I am so grateful to Pat for her sympathetic ear and wisdom."
Aimee, Grottoes, VA
"How do you thank a person for wisdom, and finely-tuned listening skills? Pat has been somehow gifted the DNA for insight, kindness and a gentle spirit....with which she can share life molding ideas as adept as a fine painter at their craft. I treasure her presence in my life as a friend and a life coach, and thank her for helping me find direction in my fifties..."
Jean, Stevens Point, WI
"I am so grateful for having met Pat; in just a couple visits, Pat has taught me so much. I have had some of the most incredible spiritual moments of my life in the healing touch sessions with her. Each time I visit for an hour-long session, I emerge feeling refreshed, brushed with a few-found layer of openness, and at total peace with myself. Graced with a soft spirit and an amazing capacity for love, Pat is truly a gifted healer and mentor. I consider meeting her to be a blessing, as she has greatly impacted my life by sharing her wisdom with me. I see each session as another door of positivity opening within me, and always look forward to my next visit. Taking what I have learned from these sessions, I feel as though I have a better sense of direction in my life."
Caroline, Harrisonburg, VA

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