Please click the links in the drop-down menu, or the links below, to learn more about the services available to you through Natural Transitions. These services include:

Life Mentoring

Having someone to listen and guide you along life’s journey is a role that is sometimes missing in our society. If you feel you are stuck or need some assistance to help with decision making or motivation, a trained, compassionate mentor can help you reach your goal or achieve peace with a life transition. Please feel free to browse the variety of topics I have listed under life mentoring. 

Integrative Health Navigation

I have served patients as a health navigator at two hospital systems. It is important to understand what you are experiencing, to have an advocate and assistance in planning for appointments, researching holistic options, and encouraging positive self-care. Call me for assistance with your medical journey.


My mental health studies, and practice, include systems theory, attachment theory, the holistic approach, and solution-focused, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapies. I will often make recommendations on reading material, exercise and getting outside. My approach is Mind/Body/Spirit. I accept cash or check. I believe confidentiality is too important to participate with insurance.

Healing Touch

Following a several-year course of study and practice, I am certified by Healing Beyond Borders: Educating and Certifying the Healing Touch ( Healing Touch is a nurturing, energy-healing therapy; gentle touch, assisting in balancing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being; safe for all ages; and compatible with all healthcare practices

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