What Is Natural Transitions?

Natural Transitions is a counseling, life mentoring/coaching and Healing Touch practice. As a mother, wife, nurse and educator I have 30 plus years of experience and training in most of what life can throw at us. My goal for my own life is to work with people who are motivated to make positive change in their lives by offering what I know about how to transition through life.

Life Mentors During Natural Transitions

Back before our society became so mobile and complex, there were community members who were considered knowledgeable and were seen as the navigators who helped their community transition from one stage to another by providing education, insight, teaching skills and lending emotional, spiritual and mental support. They were both teacher and cheerleader, mentor and friend. In modern terms they were coaches who drew from their experience with life and different situations to spot when someone was missing a skill set, an insight or an understanding.

Let Me Help You

Transitions are natural and part of life. They could be developmental, physical, mental or spiritual- or some combination of those. From birth to school, puberty, leaving home, our first jobs, marriage, pregnancy, divorce, illness, rape, death, loss of a child or parent or loved one, menopause, health issues, cancer, sexual identity issues – these are all transitions. We’re often able to rely on family and our community around us to help us get through these rough times and we learn from our mistakes. That’s how life was designed to work – people helping people. But many people don’t have that. They either don’t know anyone with the insight, time, knowledge or skills that they can ask, or they don’t want their personal business spread around. Some people experience a crisis or life-changing event that no one they know can help them with. That’s where Natural Transitions comes in.

My Background

My background includes a Master’s degree in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing in inpatient, intensive outpatient and private practice settings.

I’ve also volunteered in classrooms and worked on committees for preschool, elementary, middle, high schools and college helping with different challenges facing parents, teachers and school boards as well as sports staffs.

I’ve volunteered with the Sexual Assault Resource Agency and Shelter for Help in Emergency to help rape and assault victims transition from trauma back into life. I’ve helped in clean ups on local trails and rivers because I believe that nature and the world and our caring for it is important.

As the mother of two now grown children, I’ve been through pregnancy on both sides – as one who experienced the joys and challenges; and as a nurse as well. I’ve taught prenatal and postpartum exercise and childbirth classes and acted as doula.

As a board certified Psychiatric/Clinical Nurse Specialist drawing on my experiences in a variety of hospital, trauma and care settings, I’ve also lectured for police, teachers, health care practitioners and the public on a variety of health topics.

As a Women’s Midlife Services Coordinator at one hospital, I worked with women and their children and partners on a variety of issues- developmental issues, starting menstrual period, perimenopause, menopause and all of the symptoms, preparing to leave for college, preparing for leaving home for new life- work, marriage, etc. empty nest, infertility, pregnancy, new baby, toddler struggles, pre-teen and teenager angst, “sandwich generation” issues, esp. caretaking, divorce, remarriage, loss, including preparing for death.

I have been a therapist and unlike many life coaches I have the medical background and credentials to recognize medical and health based challenges that require therapeutic counseling or medical intervention. Not all of us are hurting because we just had a bad day or a bad year. Sometimes there are other things going on that require a doctor’s intervention. I can recognize the difference and offer alternatives and solutions for people who aren’t sure if they want a therapist or a coach.

The Importance of Communication

Live long enough and you’re likely to encounter challenges such as midlife, retirement, illnesses, weight problems, disability and death issues and all the awkward things about those transitions that no one you know ever really wants to talk about. Now you know someone who can and will talk with you about those things in a safe, totally confidential and respectful setting.

Many people have managed to transition through most of these things by themselves. Human beings are quite adaptable and resilient. But what if you could invest some time and money and effort and make that painful transition in a few weeks or months instead of suffering for years?

Life is all about communication, understanding and life skills. We can learn it the hard way – through our own mistakes – or we can go to those we trust to help us through. You don’t have enough life or time to learn just from your own mistakes. So love yourself enough to learn from other’s mistakes. It makes transitions so much easier.

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