Coping With Your Empty Nest

empty-nest“space available”

A child leaving home can bring up many feelings.

Depending on the recent relationship, it could feel like a relief or a sad loss.

Although we know it is part of “what is supposed to happen,” one can feel sadness and grief, maybe even loss of control once he or she has an empty nest.

Developmentally, this stage may be appropriate, but it takes adjustment.

Communication planning is essential for the child and parent to get this new phase off to a good start. Establish clear expectations of when you’ll be in touch and how.

Friendships change for parents. Former schoolmates’ parents will probably be doing other things, unless effort is made to find other common interests to sustain the friendship.

What would you like to do with your newfound “free time? because of your empty nest. What will your new identity be?

Click the following link to read my article in Family Talk magazine about transitioning into an empty nest. Launching from the Nest.

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