It’s spring now. The only leaves I don’t pay as much attention to as the new leaves, are last year’s old, dead leaves. They haven’t disappeared. Some of them are decayed, some are still decaying. Those that have turned into compost have transitioned from the stiff brittle memories of last year into rich soil that new beginnings, new growth, new vegetable plants and more will grow from.

Life and our memories aren’t so different. Our memories fade and fall to the wayside like so many leaves. The colorful ones remain in our photo albums, or pressed into scrapbooks or crafts. But most simply fall to the side. If we recycle them, they can become soil for our future. We learn, build and make them part of our lives in different ways. Some people can see leaves as the things or people in their lives that don’t last, or don’t last long enough. However you see them, it’s hard not to notice that leaves, like life, undergo tremendous changes at certain seasons.

Admittedly, leaves can be great imagery and metaphor for life, growth, death and change, but they can also be metaphors for events, memories and actions. What are the “leaves” in your life and how do you see them as imagery for your personal journey?


Life is all about transitions. We often refer to our transitions as “change.” Change can feel or seem negative — divorce, the suicide of a loved one, health issues, cancer, death of a family member, a pet, a friend. Losing a job, re-entering the work force or dealing with co-workers or bosses who are bullies are all very stressful events that many of us experience. We fear changes because no one ever taught us how to transition through them gracefully, successfully and with the least amount of stress. Most of do get through life’s transitions eventually. Some people rely on friends or even the internet for help. Others go to their doctors or a spiritual figure in their lives. If you’d like to get through your transitions faster, learn better coping skills, understand the process of change, or just talk, a professional can help. Call me.

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